Client Success Stories


“The quality of candidates hired is much improved since we began using BPAD”. 


-Lieutenant Zeliff,  Grants Pass, OR PD



“The BPAD for Police Report Writing Test is a very effective written test that relates directly to the candidate’s ability to write incident reports.”


-Cmdr. Kevin Lynch, Sarasota Sheriff's Office


A progressive police dept in TX has found that they can recruit further than they used to by using BPAD Online.  Flower Mound TX PD recently tested and hired a candidate in California using BPAD Online for the first screen.  Background Investigator, William Trammel, said that "this online test has opened up new possibilities for recruiting high quality candidates outside their area". 


-Northern TX, PD




“BPAD is well worth the money if testing common sense is a major consideration.  BPAD adds valuable information on a candidate’s problem solving ability”. 


-The Florida Police Chiefs magazine.


In 2011, a city of about 150,000 in the Midwest began using BPAD Online for hiring in their 911 center.  In 2012 they have added the police department and in 2013 they will add the fire department.  It is so much more effective than their old testing methods. 


-South Dakota, HR Dept.



A long time corrections client in northern Calif, recently switched from using dvd’s to the BPAD Online system in late 2011.  The first time they used it they did an in-house process.  Since then their comfort level has increased and they now email out all tests.  Because of a large increase in inmate population, they now have BPAD score their tests.  The tests go out to the candidates via email and they get back a ranking report from BPAD.  It is the most efficient process and they know they get great results. 


-Northern Calif. Corrections Dept.



“The BPAD Report Writing Test gave us much more information in our recent Sergeant’s test, than we ever had before.  We were very pleased with the results.”


-Atherton, CA HR Dept.