Dispatcher - Entry Level and Promotional Testing


Police Dispatch

BPAD provides your organization with dispatcher video scenarios.  Using these critical incidents, you will ask your candidates to respond as if “they were the dispatcher on the call”.  You will gain a valuable behavioral reading of whether each candidate has the judgment and interpersonal competence to represent the high values of your department.


Sample scenes from our entry-level catalog include:


  • Elderly women who is “lonely”
  • Suicide by cop
  • Ethical challenges
  • Burglary in progress
  • Report writing incidents


A separate catalog of scenarios is used for dispatcher promotional testing.  You will have an opportunity to observe your promotional candidates resolving difficult situations.


Sample scenes from our promotional catalog include:


  • Employee secret
  • Uncooperative coworker
  • Employee review
  • Ethical issues
  • EAP situations
  • Report writing incidents


BPAD is a structured, valid and fair method for seeing both entry-level and promotional candidates perform essential job functions before deciding to promote them or offer them a job.  BPAD is not a test of knowledge; rather, it is a test of the candidate’s interpersonal competence in dealing with different types of people in different job-specific situations.



BPAD is most useful and cost-effective as an early, front-end screening measure.  This is because it is comparatively inexpensive to administer; it is legally defensible; it provides a fast and valid portrayal of a candidate’s interpersonal competence across a wide range of job-relevant situations; and, it is able to detect candidates whose interpersonal skills and judgment render them unsuitable for dispatcher work. 


BPAD video scenarios are available in 3 formats: 1) online in our standard 8 scene role play, 2) for oral boards, and 3) for report writing.