BPAD for Police, Report Writing Test (RWT)



The RWT answers the question: “Will this candidate be able to produce effective law enforcement incident reports?”



Your candidates will participate in an investigation of a crime scene.  They will report on the “who, what, where, and when” of the investigation. 


BPAD provides a Guidebook with a self-paced training on how to score your candidates reports.  The result is an effective test which simulates the reporting requirements of the job. 

At BPAD our belief is that the closer you can place the candidate to their prospective job, the better the assessment.


BPAD test scenes are developed with law enforcement Subject Matter Experts (SME’s).  They depict the critical incidents that law enforcement professionals will face on the job.  The job analysis establishes the link between the test and the job demands and establishes content validity.  Numerous studies have shown the predictive power of video testing.  Candidate acceptance of BPAD testing is high due to the job relatedness.


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