BPAD for Oral Boards


Available for Police, Corrections, Probation and Fire.  Entry level and promotions.


BPAD for Oral Boards is a great way to take your oral board to the next level.  You will show your candidates video scenarios of critical public safety incidents.  Click here to see video demo.


BPAD provides a complete guidebook with the Q’s and A’s for each scenario. Learning to score is easy with the self-paced guidebook.  Support is available to assist with any questions.


BPAD for Oral Boards is our most cost effective way to add the realism of critical incident videos to your candidate assessments.  BPAD answers the question, “Will this candidate uphold the high values of this organization?” 


At BPAD, it is our belief that the closer you put the candidate to the job they will be doing, the better the assessment.  Our process is designed to make the candidates solve difficult situations and demonstrate they have the skills for public safety positions.


BPAD test scenes are developed with public safety Subject Matter Experts (SME’s).  They depict the critical incidents that public safety professionals will face on the job.  The job analysis establishes the link between the test and the job demands and establishes content validity.  Numerous studies have shown the predictive power of video testing. Candidate acceptance of BPAD testing is high due to the job relatedness.



If you are a Public Safety Dept. or HR representative take the next step and request samples of BPAD Oral Board test scenes. 


Candidates: please click here.